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Welcome to Cowboy Dharma! What is it all about? In short, celebrating the best of classical eastern and other wisdom along with contemporary western thought, Twelve Step Recovery in particular. The categories are sorted into "Sanity Files" as these are where we find true help, hope, healing, and happiness in an often sad, sick, and insane life and world. 

The story began as each of us did with the birth of all creation and life, and then birth into our family of origin and place in the world. We celebrate the relationship with our creator, family, and friends as the true center and vessel from which all goodness flows.

Yet in time we all must face loss, sickness and death. For many these are not only of a physical nature, but on a mental and spiritual level as well, and sometimes severe or horrific. Our souls may be broken, torn, and shattered, and we may come to feel lost, abandoned, and alone. Our tortured souls may take on a myriad of distractions and addictions in attempt to deaden the pain and bind up the wounds and brokenness and soldier on as best we can.

The purpose of Cowboy Dharma is to acknowledge the pain and suffering as necessary, even vital to a full life and experience, as we learn to heal, grow, and prosper from that very same pain and suffering. We seek and utilize any skillful means to afford our mending, recovery, and renewal with our Higher Power, ourselves, and others. We leave toxic persons and situations behind to find positive and affirming relationships are not only possible, but deeply satisfying.

After many years, books, recovery meetings, classes, discussions, retreats,workshops, and much soul searching, we gathered a lot of clarity, wisdom, and peace we want to share with you. We took the notes and sorted those into categories that have evolved and expanded over the years. We find these "paths" to be not only powerful, but truly life changing, and more than able to transcend the rush and craziness of modern life. These are the "Sanity Files" listed to the right. Most of the posts are written by founding members of Cowboy Dharma, though guests share their wisdom at times here as well.

Our journey begins with a love of nature through the earth and life in the Mother Nature tab. This is a homecoming and healing in itself as modern man has too often become insulated from the beauty and wonder of the natural world. We then take a look at our relationship with infinite power, presence, and wisdom in the Higher Power tab, as it is the key to unlocking our dis-empowerment, loneliness, and pain, as well as our home and healing.

The story continues with the Eastern Wisdom tab that honors 3,000 years of eastern knowledge through Confucius, Lao Tzu, Buddhism, and other sources. Middle eastern influences are honored in the Christ Consciousness and Rumi tabs. These culminate in the Prayer & Meditation tab. The explosion of contemporary western wisdom begins in the Power Paths tab and continues through our greatest source of hope, help, and healing in the Twelve Step Recovery tab.

We then travel to the "Immeasurable Virtues" that list and briefly explore the essential principles of a fully functional, complete, and sane life in the Super Powers tab. Next, take a look at the profound wisdom of some of our favorite people in the Wise Masters tab. To tap into the simple power and magic of Slogans & Mantras click there.

The journey Continues with some of our own views and stories in the Personal Passions tab. For the artist in each of us the experience of awe and wonder is transformational, and acknowledged in the Art and Beauty tab. The story ends with a nod to how amazing modern life has become due to Science and Technology. Yet it really isn't the end as we hope to inspire you to assemble and build on your own Sanity Files of hope, help, and healing and begin to live the full, empowered, and wonderful life for which you were intended.

They all work together in what we call exponential synergy. Synergistic as they work together to achieve much more than they could alone, and exponentially as the power of each is multiplied by the others. See what resonates and works for you. I sincerely hope you find peace, love, joy, and beauty for yourself and your world, if not here, then elsewhere. Please email us at with things you have found helpful. Thanks for stopping by and we wish you all the best!

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